“But you know I- we love his hobbit-ish ways.” —

Chris Colfer (When asked about Darren’s height)  (via lolasatsuma)

The fact that he was going to say “I love his hobbit-ish ways”

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“There just ain’t nothin’ like having a live audience because it’s just, it’s communion. It’s like a cathartic experience for everybody.”  - Darren Criss 


Reblog if Blaine is your little cupcake.







yes he is

Every glee character is my cupcake, but blainers is so special, that he has sprinkles on top



Home alone, time for a one-woman musical show, starring

  • me as Elphaba
  • me as Javert
  • me as the Phantom
  • me as Jean Valjean
  • me as Marius
  • me as Cosette
  • me as Glinda
  • me as Eponine
  • me as Raoul
  • me as Boq
  • me as Firmin
  • me as Andre
  • me as Nessarose
  • me as Christine
  • me as Carlotta
  • me as Fiyero
  • me as Enjolras
  • me as Fantine
  • me as the orchestra
  • me as the conductor

And lastly: me as cheering audience


Here at Dumb Humans, we don’t do things lightly, so here comes our first huge giveaway!

Up for grabs are some wicked prizes including,

  • Event posters signed by Max and our other dumb humans,
  • Our exclusive, very limited, Dumb Humans Like Darren pink sunnies,
  • Playbills from Darren’s Broadway run in How To Succeed
  • A copy of Darren’s Human EP
  • A personalized song of your choice sung by Max and sent to you
  • and a bunch of other cool stuff!

We will use a number generator to draw the winners and in that order will have their pick from the selection and so on until we run out. As an extra bonus, just because we are super nice people, we will post the prizes world wide!

Sound good? Here are the RULES!!

  • This is a giveaway for those who join the party, so that for that reason you must be following us
  • You can enter as many times as you want, but only reblogs count
  • You can also get extra points and chances if you reblog our Dumb Humans song over here
  • The giveaway closes at midnight on April 25th 2014 (AEST) and we will draw the winners on April 26.
  • Most importantly… SMILE! :D

If you have any other question hit us up with a message and we will answer back as soon as we can!

Stay awesome!
The Dumb Humans Team


Glee Klaine AU Crossover___   Mulan

You’re a spineless, pale pathetic lot
And you haven’t got a clue.
Somehow I’ll make a man
Out of you.

(Other AUs here)

#people who accidently didn’t become a kindergarten teacher

Chris + “The Magic Vein Of Sex”



beauty comes in all shapes and sizes

I’m pretty sure this is like the 5th time I’ve reblogged this because omg