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I’m curious how many people do rely on the tumble.

Darren getting distracted because /HrhChrisColfer/.


Petition for Darren Criss to do the #GleeAlong for every episode and make out with a different cast member every week

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LMAO.  Oh Darren.


I wonder if he knows the script is visible


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klaine ₪ season five stills




oh my god

I still can’t believe he came up with this joke on the spot. But he really did.

What a clever, composed, and creative guy.

There will be a day when I won’t reblog this. But this is not this day.


One day this will be: “Anderson-Hummels! Anderson-Hummels!” as Blaine tries to lead his and Kurt’s as yet barely upright children in a rousing chorus of ‘The Itsy Bitsy Spider.’

dreakristinaSo many of my lovely friends joined me for my 25th birthday festivities! Thank you for celebrating with me, @darrencriss! And for the cupcakes :)

Max Adler Ok Pirates & Gleeks alike! Tell me. Is this a Throwback Tuesday picture of me & @darrencriss from back in the day? Or, could this possibly be airing tonight on @GLEEonFOX? Guess you will have to tune in to find out!